The Miniature Painters, Sculptors &
ravers Society of Washington, D.C. (MPSGS)

Annual Exhibition

Every fall, we hold an International Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature.  Our prospectus is available on-line (usually by the end of June). When printing this on-line version, you may need to amend your printer properties to "scale to paper size." You can also request a mailed copy by contacting Lynne Rychlec,, 301-987-6779, or Nancy Still,, 301-538-3103.  You do not need to be a Society member to enter our exhibition.  Several activities are held in conjunction with the exhibit, including the following:

Collectors Opening:  We hold a private, invitation-only Collectors Opening, generally the Saturday before the show opens.

Public Opening:  The opening is attended by many local artists; often artists from other countries attend as well.  The public is encouraged to come, meet the artists, and purchase the beautiful art works.

Awards Ceremony/Reception:  We hold an awards ceremony followed by a reception for the artists.

Awards: Our awards total about $8,000. They are presented at a ceremony on at Strathmore.

Awards in Memory of:
Judges Choice/Best in Show - Edith Trifiletti
Best New Artist - Margaret Hicks
Best Floral - Jane H. Steel
Best Realism - Cathie P. Scott
Best Animal - Richard J. Palco
Best Dog - Diane L. Templar

Sculpture - Col. Archibald King (presented by Margaret Wisdom)
Ivory/Ivorine - Levantia White Boardman
Portraiture - John Thompson
Oil in style of traditional miniature - John Cornish Willies
Transparent watercolor, human figure or portrait - Sylvia Trundle

Special Awards:
Miniature Artists of America (MAA) "Award of Excellence
Cider Painters of America "Americana Award"

Category Awards (First, Second, Third, Honorable Mentions)
Oil Sculpture
Acrylic Ivory/Ivorine
Watermedia Portraiture
Drawing Still Life
Pastel Landscape
Graphic Art Animal
Collage/Mixed-Media International

Catalog:  An exhibition catalog is produced which lists the title, medium, and price of each art work, and the artist's name and address.  The catalog includes photographs of the award winning works in each category, and is distributed free to every participating artist and patron. It is available to the public at the exhibit.

Demonstrations:  MPSGS members present demonstrations of miniature art techniques periodically during the course of the exhibition.

Lodging Options:  Below are a few hotels in close proximity to The Mansion at Strathmore, our exhibition venue.

2019 Exhibition Info

Deadline for Art Work — Sep. 7

Artist Awards Ceremony and Tea — Sat., Nov. 16, 1-4 pm
Opening Reception — Sun., Nov. 17, 2-4 pm
Exhibition — Nov. 17, 2019, through Jan. 5, 2020

The Mansion at Strathmore
10701 Rockville Pike, North Bethesda, MD 20852
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 10am - 4pm
Wednesday: 10am - 9pm
Sunday: 12 - 4pm
Closed Monday and Holidays

Congratulations to our 2019 Award Winners!

Edith Trifiletti Memorial Award
Judge's Choice - Best in Show

Saint Louis Porch - $1,500
Dean Mitchell

Miniature Artists of America
Award of Excellence

Morning View - $350
Leland Williams
Cider Painters of America Americana Award

God Bless America - $800
Linda Wacaster
Margaret Hicks Memorial Award
for Best New Artist

"B" Side 45's - $350
Karen Martin

Jane H. Steel Memorial Award
for Best in Floral

Begonia - $160
Mimi Hegler
Cathie P. Scott Memorial Award
for Best in Realism

Summer Spray - $820
Tiffany Hastie

Oil Awards

Joan Cornish Willies
Memorial Award

A Miniaturist - $600
Irina Kouznetsova

First Place
Fortescue Beach, Tasman Peninsula
- $1,050
Joan Humble

Second Place
On the Deck
- $190
Susan Hayes-Murani

Third Place
Is That You Clyde
- $1,200
June Holloway

Honorable Mention
Prairie Schooner Journal
- $975
Luann Houser

Honorable Mention
New Moon
- $350
Gail MacArgel

Honorable Mention
First Love is Sweet
- $500
Judy Schrader

Acrylic Awards

First Place
- $975
Linda Rossin

Second Place
Lift Off
- $650
Carol Heiman-Greene

Third Place
The Watcher
- $875
Judy Lalingo

Honorable Mention
Dance of the Fireflies
- $1,300
Tim Bowers

Honorable Mention
- $400
Eva Marie Fitzsimmons

Honorable Mention
- $250
Kent Roberts

Watermedia Awards

Joan Cornish Willies
Memorial Award

Walnut Vendor- $350
Karen Barnes

First Place
C.F.V. 3V.II Railway (Belgium)
- $3,400
Christian Rzyski

Second Place
Reef Heron
- $650
Ihtesham Hassan

Third Place
The Babysitter
- $975
Rachelle Siegrist

Honorable Mention
Golden Gingko
- $350
Jing-Jy Chen

Honorable Mention
Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse
- $200
Joan E. Fabbri

Honorable Mention
The Happy Camper
- $200
Ann Rossilli

Drawing Awards

First Place
On the Leaf - $420
Zhang Han

Second Place
Me and My Shadow
- $275
Sue de Learie Adair

Third Place
Blue Ridge Autumn
- $390
Deborah Maklowski

Honorable Mention
- $375
Laura Freeman

Honorable Mention
Ivy and Lace
- $380
Zhu LiPing

Pastel Awards

First Place
Fireweed with a View
- $400
Christine Bass

Second Place
- $275
Jan Vermilya

Third Place
- $325
Helen Mathyssen-Dobbins

Honorable Mention
Keukenhof Moment - $400
Dolores M. Andrew

Honorable Mention
Glorious Sunset
- $125
Deborah A. Wolfe

Graphic Art Awards

First Place
- $350
Abe Mathabe

Second Place
Fences (26/100)
- $150
Linda McNeil

Third Place
- $300
Viviane de Kosinsky

Honorable Mention
Cross Country (1/7)
- $180
Genevieve Roberts

Honorable Mention
Assateague Lighthouse
- $150
Linda M. Sepelak

Collage/Mixed Media Awards

First Place
A Little Wine
- $285
Sam Dixon

Second Place
Beach Day
- $275
Patricia McCandless

Third Place
Mountain Top
- $195
Wyn Foland

Honorable Mention
Alice in Slumberland
- $150
C. Pamela Palco

Honorable Mention
My Mind
- $275
Sherri A. Trial

Col. Archibald King Memorial Awards for

First Place
Sweet Roll (61/99)
- $650
Joy Kroeger Beckner

Second Place
The Brace
- $825
Paul Eaton

Third Place
- $350
Ann M. Ruppert

Honorable Mention
Mother and Child - $500
Maureen Kirwen Huffman

Honorable Mention
American Staffordshire Terrier
with Mouse-Rat-Box
- $170
Cece Kemp

Levantia White Boardman Memorial Awards for

First Place
Golden Lites
- $300
Eileen Bass

Second Place
Dry Docked
- $475
Vicki Vitale

Third Place
Leopard's Lookout Point
- $595
Beverly Abbott

Honorable Mention
American Icon
- $400
Linda Lawler

Honorable Mention
Corsica Blue
- $240
Nancy Van Meter

John Thompson Memorial Awards for

First Place
Girl with Pearl Stud Earring
- $4,500
Michael W. Coe

Second Place
Flower Lady
- $495
Elaine Hahn

Third Place
- $600
Victor Mordasov

Honorable Mention
- $750
Arnold D. Hurley

Still Life Awards

First Place
Yellow Dahlias
- $700
Hanna Woodring

Second Place
Daffodil Bouquet
- $225
Debbie Miller

Third Place
Paper Works
- $900
Janet Laird-Lagassee

Honorable Mention
Two Brushes
- $150
Rieta Park

Honorable Mention
The Tourist
- $1,495
Karen Winterton

Landscape Awards

First Place
A Walk in Woodhouse Eaves
- $370
Gini Harris

Second Place
Tranquil Forest
- $380
Chrysoula Argyros

Third Place
Broad Beach, Solitary Surfer
- $700
Melissa Miller Nece

Honorable Mention
Marsh Walk - Maine
- $175
Gwendolyn C. Bragg

Honorable Mention
- $175
Janice Ducharme

Animal Awards

Diane L. Templar Memorial Award
for Best in Dogs

- $350
Beth de Loiselle

Richard J. Palco Memorial Award

First Place
Looking Ahead
- $875
John Brennan

Second Place
The Whites of Winter
- $975
Wesley S. Siegrist

Third Place
Meet Rusty
- $850
Akiko Watanabe

Honorable Mention
You Don't Say...
- $1,150
Denise Horne-Kaplan

Honorable Mention
- $550
Jacqueline Mitchell Smith

International Awards

First Place
- $1,125
Celyne Brassard

Second Place
Forest Playground
- $800
Morgane Antoine

Third Place
Arriving at the "Bear"
- $750
Joyce Rowsell

Honorable Mention
High Up on the Mountain
- $290
Marion Winter
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