The Miniature Painters, Sculptors &
ravers Society of Washington, D.C. (MPSGS)

Annual Exhibition

Every fall, we hold an International Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature.  Our prospectus is available on-line (usually by the end of June). When printing this on-line version, you may need to amend your printer properties to "scale to paper size." You can also request a mailed copy by contacting Lynne Rychlec,, 301-987-6779, or Nancy Still,, 301-977-2190.  You do not need to be a Society member to enter our exhibition.  Several activities are held in conjunction with the exhibit, including the following:

Collectors Opening:  We hold a private, invitation-only Collectors Opening, generally the Saturday before the show opens.

Public Opening:  The opening is attended by many local artists; often artists from other countries attend as well.  The public is encouraged to come, meet the artists, and purchase the beautiful art works.

Awards Ceremony/Reception:  We hold an awards ceremony followed by a reception for the artists.

Awards: Our awards total about $8,000. They are presented at a ceremony on at Strathmore.

  • Miniature Artists of America (MAA) Award of Excellence
  • MPSGS Membership Award
  • Americana Award by Cider Painters of America

  • Awards in Memory of:
    Judges Choice - Edith Trifiletti
    Best New Artist - Margaret Hicks
    Best Realism - Cathie P. Scott
    Best Floral - Jane H. Steel
    Best Animal - Richard Palco
    Best Dog - Diane L. Templar

    Best Sculpture - Col. Archibald King
    Ivorine - Levantia White Boardman
    Portrait - John Thompson

  • Category Awards (First, Second, Third, Honorable Mentions)
    Oil Sculpture
    Acrylic Still Life
    Watermedia Landscape
    Drawing Animals
    Pastel International
    Graphic Arts  

Catalog:  An exhibition catalog is produced which lists the title, medium, and price of each art work, and the artist's name and address.  The catalog includes photographs of the award winning works in each category, and is distributed free to every participating artist and patron. It is available to the public at the exhibit.

Demonstrations:  MPSGS members present demonstrations of miniature art techniques periodically during the course of the exhibition.

Lodging Options:  Below are a few hotels in close proximity to The Mansion at Strathmore, our exhibition venue.

2019 Exhibition Info

Deadline for Art Work — Sep. 7

Artist Awards Ceremony and Tea — Sat., Nov. 16, 1-4 pm
Opening Reception — Sun., Nov. 17, 2-4 pm
Exhibition — Nov. 17, 2019, through Jan. 5, 2020

The Mansion at Strathmore
10701 Rockville Pike, North Bethesda, MD 20852
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 10am - 4pm
Wednesday: 10am - 9pm
Sunday: 12 - 4pm
Closed Monday and Holidays

Congratulations to our 2018 Award Winners!

Edith Trifiletti Memorial Award
Judge's Choice - Best in Show

Oil Country - $1,500
Dean Mitchell

85th Anniversary Award

Curious Rusty - $1,200
Akiko Watanabe
Miniature Artists of America
Award of Excellence

Third Wheel - $475
John Brennan
Americana Award
by Cider Painters of America

Dyeing Cloth in 18th Cent. Carolina - $300
Joan Cornish Willies

Margaret Hicks Memorial Award
for Best New Artist

The Sunbathers - $425
Sue de Learie Adair

Cathie P. Scott Memorial Award
for Best in Realism

I'm Nut Fat - $1,075
Celyne Brassard
Jane H. Steel Memorial Award
for Best in Floral

Vividly Subdued - $600
Tracy Wilson
Richard J. Palco Memorial Award
for Best in Animals

Racing the Waves - $975
Judy Lalingo
Diane L. Templar Memorial Award
for Best in Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dog - $290
Vivian Matsick

Oil Awards

First Place
Waiting for My Next Meal
- $800
Carol Pelno Rockwell

Second Place
A Lady and Her Gentleman
- $925
Luann Houser

Third Place
There's One in Every Family
- $595
Judy Schrader

Honorable Mention
Sun Salutations
- $295
Debra Keirce

Honorable Mention
Old House in Rome
- $290
Lena Leitzke


First Place
Swing King
- $1,500
Linda Rossin

Second Place
- $595
Carol Heiman-Greene

Third Place
Daisies at the Gate
- $575
Camille Boyers

Honorable Mention
- $400
Susan Brooke

Honorable Mention
Swiss Roll and Cable
- $325
Ann Marie Fitzsimmons

Honorable Mention
Piney Woods
- $215
Marie Schadt

Honorable Mention
Cat Nap
- $525
Karin Snoots

Watermedia Awards

First Place
Three's Company
- $995
Denise Horne-Kaplan

Second Place
King Street, 9 p.m.
- $300
Elaine Nunnally

Third Place
Iris Dreams
- $300
Katherine Weber

Honorable Mention
- $175
Gwendolyn Bragg

Honorable Mention
Wind Whipped
- $700
Lois Salmon Toole

Drawing Awards

First Place
Deandrea - $625
Arnold Hurley

Second Place
Big Red
- $400
Deborah Maklowski

Third Place
Poison Ivy Rules
- $200
Ariadne Gejevski

Honorable Mention
Taking a Break
- $420
Lonetta Avelar

Honorable Mention
By the Light...
- $1,250
Mary Serfass

Pastel Awards

First Place
Evening's Embrace
- $250
Helen Mathyssen-Dobbins

Second Place
Marshes & Clouds
- $300
Leland Williams

Third Place
Upstate Farm
- $295
Linda Hansee

Honorable Mention
Little Blue Bird - $295
Phillis Elliott

Honorable Mention
Playful Surf
- $200
Jan Vermilya

Graphic Art Awards

First Place
The Blue Boat
- $160
Mimi Hegler

Second Place
Tea and Roses (52/80)
- $195
Carolyn Cohen

Third Place
Beach at Low Tide
- $225
Monita Mahoney

Honorable Mention
Paris Studio 2
- $300
Viviane de Kosinsky

Collage/Mixed Media Awards

First Place
Boogie Woogie Two
- $450
H. Linda Trope

Second Place
Zurich, Switzerland
- $250
Carolyn Adreon Councell

Third Place
Memories of Blue
- $140
Julie Cosentino

Honorable Mention
Container Ship
- $800
Uliana Andrianov

Honorable Mention
Untitled I
- $125
Katherine Hart

Col. Archibald King Memorial Awards for

First Place
A Good Life (Wire 12/50)
- $650
Joy Kroeger Beckner

Second Place
Still Fishing
- $710
Paul Eaton

Third Place
- $450
Douglas Aja

Honorable Mention
Lady of the Night
- $325
Sally Giarratana

Honorable Mention
- $350
Ann Ruppert

Levantia White Boardman Memorial Awards for

First Place
My Favorite
- $395
Vicki Vitale

Second Place
Gray Tree Frog
- $300
Linda Lawler

Third Place
Grandpa's Paints
- $400
Jeanie Gordon

Honorable Mention
Great Falls
- $395
Elizabeth Eckert

Honorable Mention
No Fly Zone
- $600
Lynn Wade

John Thompson Memorial Awards for

First Place
Girl With Gold Earrings
- $4,500
Michael Coe

Second Place
- $700
June Holloway

Third Place
- $955
Yvonne Wright

Honorable Mention
- $375
Gale Bell

Still Life Awards

First Place
Boxes in Midsummer
- $1,000
Janet Laird-Lagassee

Second Place
Apples for Sale
- $650
Elaine Hahn

Third Place
Red Charm
- $280
Zhu LiPing

Honorable Mention
It's Not Easy Being Green
- $290
Melinda Albritton

Honorable Mention
Sitting Pretty
- $180
Eileen Bass

Landscape Awards

First Place
Northern Wales
- $500
Karen Barnes

Second Place
Setting the Stage
- $375
Christine Bass

Third Place
On the Beach
- $140
Joan Cart

Honorable Mention
Adirondack Sunrise
- $300
Julie McGowan

Honorable Mention
Oxford: Foggy Day
- $235
Nancy Van Meter

Animal Awards

Best in Animals
Racing the Waves
- $975
Judy Lalingo

Second Place
Kenmare Cat
- $495
Sharon Hart Sefton

Third Place
"Morgan" Welsh Cob
- $480
Christopher Dennis

Honorable Mention
Flamingo Fandango
- $450
Carol Andre

Honorable Mention
Fox in Profile
- $375
Carol McClees

International Awards

First Place
The Red Centre of Australia
- $410
Marion Winter

Second Place
The Picnic at the Show
- $950
Joyce Rowsell

Third Place
Late Afternoon of Long Shadows
- $320
Gini Harris

Honorable Mention
Ginger's Ginger Jar
- $700
Hanna Woodring

Honorable Mention
Old Blue Gate - $350
Chrysoula Argyros
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