The Miniature Painters, Sculptors &
ravers Society of Washington, D.C. (MPSGS)

2022 Exhibition Info

Prospectus - Click Here - Please Read First

Entry Form - Click Here

Deadline for Submission of Artwork and Entry Form - Sat., Sept. 10
Public Opening - Sat., Nov. 19, 2-4 pm
Exhibition - Nov. 19, 2022, through Jan. 7, 2023

Exhibit Venue - The Mansion at Strathmore
10701 Rockville Pike, North Bethesda, MD 20852, 301-581-5109
Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro Stop
See Strathmore's web site for hours of operation.



All Artworks in 2021 Exhibit

Award Winning Works in 2021 Exhibit


About the Annual Exhibition

Every fall, we hold an International Exhibition of Fine Art in Miniature.

Our PROSPECTUS is available on this web site by the end of June. You can also request a mailed copy by contacting
Nancy Still,, 301-538-3103.  You do not need to be a Society member to enter our exhibition.  Several activities are held in conjunction with the exhibit, including the following:

Collectors Opening:  We hold a private, invitation-only Collectors Opening, generally the Saturday before the show opens to the public.

Public Opening:  The opening is attended by many local artists; often artists from other countries attend as well.  The public is encouraged to come, meet the artists, and purchase the beautiful art works.

Awards Ceremony/Reception:  We hold an awards ceremony followed by a reception for the artists. These activities may be affected due to the coronavirus.

Awards: Our awards total about $8,000. They are presented at a ceremony at The Strathmore Mansion in Rockville, MD, our exhibit venue.

Awards in Memory of:
Best in Show - Edith Trifiletti
Best New Artist - Margaret Hicks
Best Floral - Jane H. Steel
Best Animal - Richard J. Palco
Best Dog - Diane L. Templar

Sculpture - Robert H. Menzel
Portraiture - John Thompson
Oil in style of traditional miniature - Joan Cornish Willies
Transparent watercolor, human figure or portrait - Sylvia Trundle

Special Awards:
Miniature Artists of America (MAA) "Award of Excellence
Cider Painters of America "Americana Award"

Category Awards (First, Second, Third, Honorable Mentions)

Oil Sculpture
Acrylic Ivory/Ivorine
Watermedia Portraiture
Drawing Still Life
Pastel Landscape - in honor of Narissa Steel
Graphic Art Animal
Collage/Mixed Media International
  Best Realism

Catalog:  An exhibition catalog is produced which lists the title, medium, and price of each art work, and artist info.  The catalog includes photographs of the award winning works, and is distributed free to every participating artist and patron. It is available to the public at the exhibit.

Demonstrations:  MPSGS members present demonstrations of miniature art techniques during the course of the exhibition.

Lodging Options:  Below are a few hotels in close proximity to The Mansion at Strathmore, our exhibition venue.

Congratulations to our 2021 Award Winners!

Edith Trifiletti Memorial Award
Best in Show

Ballerina - $4,500 (50a)
Michael W. Coe

Miniature Artists of America
Award of Excellence

Khamzen - $950 (135a)
Janet Laird-Lagassee
Cider Painters of America
Americana Award

Flying High - $1,350 (201b)
Linda Rossin
Margaret Hicks
Memorial Award
for Best New Artist

Ruth Bader Ginsburg - $1,200 (233b)
Maud Taber-Thomas

Jane H. Steel Memorial Award
for Best in Floral

Roses and Peaches - $400 (243c)
Barbara Valentine

Cathie P. Scott Memorial Award
for Best in Realism

Trying to See Others - $750 (176c)
Adam Mysock

Oil Awards
Joan Cornish Willies
Memorial Award

First Place
Loyal Companion - $525 (59a)
Beth de Loiselle

Second Place
American Frontiersman - $1,400 (247a)
Linda Wacaster

Third Place
Top of the World - $550 (116b)
Luann Houser

Honorable Mention
El Condor Pasa - $650 (107a)
Carol Heiman-Greene

Honorable Mention
Rag Top - $275 (206b)
Sandy Rybczynski

Honorable Mention
Dessert Denied
- $750 (223a)
Barbara Stanton

Acrylic Awards

First Place
- $650 (260a)
Yvonne Wright

Second Place
Basking in the Sun
- $850 (249a)
Akiko Watanabe

Third Place
Chicken Parade
- $250 (70a)
Elizabeth Elgin

Honorable Mention
70 Words A Minute - $200 (108a)
Janice Hendra

Honorable Mention
Ortley Sunset - $800 (153c)
Karen Martin


Watermedia Awards
Sylvia Trundle
Memorial Award

Fergus Heuston-Holmes - $2,195 (174c)
William P. Mundy

First Place
Lunch Break - $395 (47c)
Jing-Jy Chen

Second Place
Eternal Love
- $300 (45a)
Elise L. Chang

Third Place
Take Five - $290 (252c)
Katherine Weber

Honorable Mention
Hamda and Daina (Cats)
- $750 (103b)
Ihtesham Hasan

Honorable Mention
Fall Rhapsody
- $240 (163a)
Linda McNeil

Drawing Awards

First Place
Stepping Down - $540 (14c)
Lonetta Avelar

Second Place
Pelican Portrait - $450 (3a)
Sue deLearie Adair

Third Place
Just a Nut
- $395 (6b)
Carol Andre

Honorable Mention
Andean Condor
- $175 (97a)
Hans Guerin

Honorable Mention
Ready To Go
- $450 (267b)
LiPing Zhu

Pastel Awards

First Place
OH, Lily
- $450 (40b)
Judith Burch

Second Place
Divine Brilliance
- $425 (255a)
Leland Williams

Third Place
Cape Roses
- $400 (112a)
Jean Hirons

Graphic Art Awards

First Place
Flower Farm
- $160 (106b)
Mimi Hegler

Second Place
- $100 (173b)
James Mullen

Collage/Mixed Media Awards

First Place
An Old Spirit
- $1,250 (215b)
Mary Serfass

Second Place
Exhibit at the Museum
- $775 (41a)
Colton T. Calhoun

Third Place
Kitchen, Florence (1/1)
- $500 (57b)
Viviane de Kosinsky

Honorable Mention
Happy Landing
- $495 (73b)
Melinda Fabian

Honorable Mention
Bits and Pieces II
- $350 (152b)
Emma Lou Martin

Col. Archibald King Memorial Awards for

First Place
The Tracker
- $275 (164c)
R.H. Menzel

Second Place
Taos Trail of Treasures
- $350 (186b)
Ruth K. Penn

Third Place
Tuxedo Toucans
- $1,380 (68c)
Paul Eaton

Honorable Mention
Her Life's a Ball!
- $725 (26a)
Joy Kroeger Beckner

Honorable Mention
Untitled (2021 B)
- $250 (83b)
Laura Freeman

Levantia White Boardman Memorial Awards for

First Place
Cats Rule No. 2 - $295 (82b)
Beverly J. Fotheringham

Second Place
Prince Charming - $300 (141a)
Linda Lawler

Third Place
Menace in the Sausage Tree
- $495 (1b)
Beverly Abbott

Honorable Mention
Verbina & Black Swallowtail
- $400 (198c)
Carol Rockwell

Honorable Mention
Game Room
- $1,200 (246a)
Vicki Vitale

John Thompson Memorial Awards for

First Place
Girl in Kimono
- $2,000 (240a)
Markissia Touliatos

Second Place
Amasa (7/100)
- $105 (118a)
David Hunter

Still Life Awards

First Place
Santa Fe - $1,400 (101a)
Harold E. Hansen

Second Place
Sending U Sunshine
- $275 (228c)
Nancy Still

Third Place
Blue Plate Still Life
- $195 (35b)
Sid Branham

Honorable Mention
The Collection
- $1,500 (259a)
Hanna Woodring

Narissa Steel
Awards for

First Place
Saint Mark's Square
- $600 (52c)
Carolyn Councell

Second Place
Medley of Green
- $460 (102b)
Gini Harris

Third Place
Morning Light, Sandaway
- $265 (244b)
Nancy Van Meter

Honorable Mention
Quiet Evening Amongst
the Ponderosas
- $500 (123b)
Steven Thor Johanneson

Honorable Mention
Nature Beckons
- $340 (156b)
Helen Mathyssen-Dobbins

Animal Awards

Diane L. Templar
Memorial Award
for Best in Dogs

Good Boy
- $200 (27b)
Karen Bendersky

Richard J. Palco
Memorial Award

First Place
Fresh Paint
- $550 (213b)
Judy Schrader



Second Place
Blue and Gold
- $950 (37a)
John Brennan

Third Place
No One Here But Us Chickens
- $500 (19b)
Karen Barnes

Honorable Mention
Joy of Assateague
- $750 (136b)
Judy Lalingo

International Awards

First Place
- $1,400 (36b)
Celyne Brassard

Second Place
In Quest of Adventure
- $1,200 (131b)
Irina Kouznetsova

Third Place
Egyptian Wonders
- $800 (10b)
Morgane Antoine

Honorable Mention
Sleepy Croc - $420 (5c)
Paul Allan

Honorable Mention
For King and Country
- $275 (93b)
John R. Good
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